As the sibling of a person with an intellectual or developmental disability, your experience of growing up was not the same as your peers. You saw your parents giving extra attention to your sibling, you pitched in doing extra chores, you stayed out of trouble and most of all – you cared.

As you got older you left home and experienced the world, while your sibling stayed home and didn’t have the same opportunities. You felt guilty. As you grow your career and families there is a looming feeling when you think about what is going to happen when your parents can no longer provide care for your sibling. When you eventually move into the role of the go-to person for your sibling you can fall into crisis trying to maintain your family life, your career, your health, your parent’s failing health, and your sibling’s life.

It doesn’t have to be this way! The journey doesn’t have to be lonely. You don’t have to live in guilt. The crisis doesn’t always have to strike. You can design a life for you and your family that is connected to other people who are supportive, you can create a loving home for your sibling, and you can get your sibling the supports they need to meet their needs. You can do all of this by living a full and happy life yourself, and we will show you how.

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