To help you better support your sibling with a disability and improve both their and your well-being, The Sibling Collaborative offers a number of resources.



The Sibling Collaborative believes that individuals supporting a sibling with a disability can experience significant stress in their roles. This stress is compounded by a lack of helpful tools, resources and information to guide, inform and support them.

To test this and other related assumptions, we launched the Sibling Needs Assessment Survey in the fall of 2017.  We heard from over 360 siblings from across CanadaRead about what they had to say in our report.

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We want the stories of siblings caring for their brothers and sisters with a disability to be widely told and understood. For this reason, we have written and published an e-book made up of nine intimate sibling stories of diverse experiences and the resulting wisdom to share with others.

Read our e-book Through Thick and Thin.



Sibling-to-sibling mentoring connects siblings across Canada looking for opportunities for deeper conversations and peer support to create, find and share solutions to the challenges they face in supporting their brothers and sisters with a disability. 

Adult Sibling Meetups

The Sibling Collaborative strongly believes that powerful change is possible when people come together in conversation. At these small gatherings, siblings connect in a relaxed and social setting to share their experiences through facilitated conversations. 



Our in-person workshops bring together adult siblings to work through a wide range of topics relevant to caring for their brothers and sisters with a disability. They aim to help siblings connect with other siblings; create a new narrative of creativity, resilience and action; find, develop and share solutions to challenges; build awareness and understanding around creating a home for their sibling, nurturing relationships, managing finances and navigating the social services system; and strengthen their own wellbeing.


CAMH Sibling Research

The Sibling Collaborative is proud have the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)’s Azrieli Adult Neurodevelopmental Centre as a research partner.

The Azrieli Adult Neurodevelopmental Centre is the first research and education centre in Canada dedicated to improving care for adults with neurodevelopment disabilities and mental health challenges. The Centre knows that ensuring the long-term wellbeing of adults with neurodevelopment disabilities includes understanding and being able to respond to the needs and challenges of their siblings. 

There are a number of opportunities to study siblings, their mental health and how they are impacted by the programming we are offering through The Sibling Collaborative. This research is important not only to learn more about our needs and challenges but also to build this research base which does not yet exist in Canada.


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Online Community

Our Facebook group is a community of compassionate and collaborative adult siblings. We share information, support each other, and discuss topics of interest with other siblings across Canada.




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