The Sibling Collaborative offers a number of resources for individual siblings and also for organizations looking to better serve adult siblings of people with disabilities. 

Adult Sibling Meetups 

The Sibling Collaborative strongly believes that powerful change is possible when people come together in conversation. At these small gatherings, siblings connect in a relaxed and social setting to share their experiences and learn from each other through facilitated conversations.


Sibling-to-sibling mentoring connects siblings across Canada looking for opportunities for deeper conversations and peer support to create, find and share solutions to the challenges they face in supporting their brothers and sisters with a disability. 


Our webinars bring together adult siblings and experts to work through a wide range of topics relevant to having a brother and sister with a disability. They aim is to help siblings build their toolbox of resources and information so siblings feel informed and are able strengthen their own wellbeing.


Guidebooks – Coming Soon!

We are working on a series guides to support you with some of the key issues you are dealing with or may experience in the future as an adult sibling.

Sibling Stories – Download a copy of our e-book! 

We want the stories of siblings caring for their brothers and sisters with disability to be widely told and understood. For this reason, we have written and published an e-book of nine intimate sibling stories of diverse experiences and the resulting wisdom to share with others.

Read our e-book Through Thick and Thin 



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